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Artist: Brides Of Lucifer
Release date:
29 June 2018
Genre: Hard rock
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Brides Of Lucifer - Covers by Various Artists

Brides Of Lucifer


  1. “Burn in Hell” (Twisted Sister)
  2. “Walk” (Pantera)
  3. “Warriors of the World” (Manowar)
  4. “Chop Suey!” (System of a Down)
  5. “Painkiller” (Judas Priest)
  6. “Fear of the Dark” – featuring Scala & Kolacny Brothers (Iron Maiden)
  7. “Roots Bloody Roots” (Sepultura)
  8. “O Father O Satan O Sun!” (Behemouth)
  9. “Holy Diver” (Dio)
  10. “South of Heaven” (Slayer)
  11. “Futility” (Scala & Kolacny Brothers)
  12. “Halo” (Machinehead)
  13. “White Moon” (Scala & Kolacny Brothers)