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Artist: Iron Maiden
Release date:
17 November 2017
Genre: Heavy metal
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Iron Maiden




Warner Music will release IRON MAIDEN’s ‘The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter’ on November 17th worldwide [through BMG in the USA]. This live recording comprises 15 songs captured during ‘The Book Of Souls World Tour’, which covered 39 countries across six continents during 2016 and 2017, and was seen by over two million fans. ‘The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter’ will be released physically in CD, deluxe CD & vinyl audio formats, with the concert film available to stream free online or as a digital download full details below.

Produced by Tony Newton and Iron Maiden founder member and bass player Steve Harris, the album is based on this year’s set list and is a faithful record of the epic show, including six songs from ‘The Book Of Souls’, the band's most recent studio album, along with many other classics and fan favourites.

Steve comments, "We spent a huge amount of time working on this as I wanted to get it as close to the Maiden live experience as I possibly could and to represent our fans from different parts of the world. This meant listening to literally hours upon hours of tapes from every show, to select material and construct a sound that would run consistently across the whole album and capture the excitement of a new country like El Salvador alongside such regular favourites as Donington or Wacken.”

Maiden manager Rod Smallwood adds, "’The Book Of Souls World Tour’ was a huge undertaking, not least for Bruce who started the tour singing in public for the very first time since recovering from throat cancer. He also piloted Ed-Force One, upgraded last year from a Boeing 757 to a 747 so we could go further and faster to visit some fantastic cities and fans all round the world. This year continued that excitement bringing us our most successful North American and UK tours ever. It was a very special tour in a great many ways so we felt we wanted to document it for both ourselves and for our fans. Steve has done an incredible job putting together this set from cities around the world and we’ve made sure the deluxe CD will be available in a matching book format to ‘The Book of Souls’ release.

"On top of all that the release will be celebrated by an event that is a Maiden first: a free live streaming premiere of the concert film, as a thank you to our loyal fans around the world. We hope that the global Maiden community will all enjoy coming together to watch this special event online. Many of you will be in it as there is footage from a whole host of the places we played on this momentous tour. ”

The full tracklisting and the cities they were recorded in, is as follows:

  • If Eternity Should Fail – Sydney, Australia
  • Speed of Light - Cape Town, South Africa
  • Wrathchild – Dublin, Ireland
  • Children of the Damned – Montreal, Canada
  • Death or Glory – Wroclaw, Poland
  • The Red and the Black – Tokyo, Japan
  • The Trooper - San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Powerslave – Trieste, Italy
  • The Great Unknown – Newcastle, UK
  • The Book of Souls – Donington, UK
  • Fear of the Dark – Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Iron Maiden - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Number of the Beast – Wacken, Germany
  • Blood Brothers – Donington, UK
  • Wasted Years - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The album will replicate ‘The Book Of Souls’ original formats and be issued as a limited edition deluxe 2 CD hardcase Book, a regular 2CD album, a triple black vinyl LP, and digital download in high resolution audio (48khz/24 bit) including Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) version. A digital download of the concert film will also be available to purchase following its free online premiere.


single album

Artist: Metallica
Release date:
18 November 2016
Genre: Heavy metal
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Metallica - “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct”


According to music industry web site Hits Daily Double, METALLICA's new studio album, "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct", is likely to sell between 250,000 and 270,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The SPS figure is expected to be between 260,000 and 280,000.

SPS, a practice used by Billboard magazine, stands for "sales plus streaming," which includes album sales and converted track sales plus converted streaming data.

For those interested: 10 tracks sold equal one album sale (since $1.29, the cost for an individual track, multiplied by ten gives you $12.99, a common price for an album, and 1,500 streams is equivalent to one album sale.

METALLICA's "Death Magnetic" album sold close to a half million copies in just a three-day sales window and topped The Billboard 200 chart back in September 2008.

The band's first studio album since 2003 moved 490,000 copies in its abbreviated frame, scheduled off-cycle on a Friday to accommodate a worldwide release date.

METALLICA's previous CD, "St. Anger", also had an unusual release date after Elektra Records decided to move up its release to Thursday, June 5, 2003 from Tuesday, June 10, 2003 "to ensure that counterfeit copies of the band's first studio album in six years do not proliferate in the marketplace," the label said at the time.

"St. Anger" sold 418,000 copies in its first, shortened week on the streets to land at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 chart.

METALLICA's "Re-Load" album sold 435,000 units during its first week in 1997, while 1996's "Load" opened at 680,000. 1991's self-titled "black album" debuted with 598,000 and has since gone on to sell more than 16 million copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.

"Hardwired… To Self-Destruct" arrived on November 18. It consists of two discs, containing a dozen songs and nearly 80 minutes of music.

"Hardwired...To Self-Destruct" track listing:

Deluxe Edition (Digital Download & CD)

Disc One

01. Hardwired
02. Atlas, Rise!
03. Now That We're Dead
04. Moth Into Flame
05. Dream No More
06. Halo On Fire

Disc Two

01. Confusion
02. ManUNkind
03. Here Comes Revenge
04. Am I Savage?
05. Murder One
06. Spit Out the Bone

Disc Three (Bonus)

01. Lords of Summer
02. Ronnie Rising Medley
03. When a Blind Man Cries
04. Remember Tomorrow
05. Helpless (Live at Rasputin Music)
06. Hit the Lights (Live at Rasputin Music)
07. The Four Horsemen (Live at Rasputin Music)
08. Ride the Lightning (Live at Rasputin Music)
09. Fade to Black (Live at Rasputin Music)
10. Jump in the Fire (Live at Rasputin Music)
11. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live at Rasputin Music)
12. Creeping Death (Live at Rasputin Music)
13. Metal Militia (Live at Rasputin Music)
14. Hardwired (Live in Minneapolis)

Deluxe Box Set (3LP + 1CD)

Disc One Side A

01. Hardwired
02. Atlas, Rise!
03. Now That We're Dead

Disc One Side B

01. Moth Into Flame
02. Am I Savage?
03. Halo On Fire

Disc Two Side C

01. Confusion
02. Dream No More
03. ManUNkind

Disc Two Side D

01. Here Comes Revenge
02. Murder One
03. Spit Out the Bone

Disc Three Side E (Bonus)

01. Lords of Summer

Disc Three Side F (Bonus)

01. Hardwired (Live in Minneapolis)

Bonus CD

01. Ronnie Rising Medley
02. When a Blind Man Cries
03. Remember Tomorrow
04. Helpless (Live at Rasputin Music)
05. Hit the Lights (Live at Rasputin Music)
06. The Four Horsemen (Live at Rasputin Music)
07. Ride the Lightning (Live at Rasputin Music)
08. Fade to Black (Live at Rasputin Music)
09. Jump in the Fire (Live at Rasputin Music)
10. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live at Rasputin Music)
11. Creeping Death (Live at Rasputin Music)
12. Metal Militia (Live at Rasputin Music)