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Artist: KALEO
Release date:
05 June 2020
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KALEO’s Surface Sounds Track Listing is as follows:

  1. Brother Run Fast

  2. Break My Baby (produced by Mike Elizondo and co-produced by JJ Julius Son)

  3. Alter Ego

  4. Free the Slave

  5. Skinny

  6. Hey Gringo

  7. The USA Today (produced by Shawn Everett and JJ Julius Son)

  8. My Fair Lady

  9. I Want More (produced by JJ Julius Son)

  10. Backbone

  11. I Walk on Water (co-written with David Antonsson)

  12. Into My Mother’s Arms (produced by JJ Julius Son)

*All music written solely by JJ Julius Son and produced by Dave Cobb and Julius Son unless otherwise noted