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Artist: Steve Howe
Release date:
11 August 2017
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Steve Howe - "Anthology 2: Groups And Collaborations”

Steve Howe

Rhino’s Three-Disc Sequel To Howe’s Anthology Series Focuses On the
Legendary Guitarist’s Work With Groups Like Yes, Asia And More

Available August 11 On CD And Digitally

Legendary guitarist Steve Howe will add a second volume to his Anthology series this summer with an upcoming collection that highlights his key contributions to groups like Yes and Asia, while also rounding up his numerous collaborations with musicians like Paul Sutin and Oliver Wakeman.

On July 21, Rhino will release ANTHOLOGY 2: GROUPS AND COLLABORATIONS as a physical three-CD set designed by Roger Dean and digital equivalent. The collection spans more than 50 years of Howe’s prolific career with 56 tracks that mix hits with a generous selection of unreleased recordings, including several with Keith West, who was Howe’s bandmate in Tomorrow and The In Crowd.

Starting with his work in the mid-Sixties, the collection opens with songs that Howe recorded during brief tenures with bands like The Syndicats (“Maybellene,” 1964), The In Crowd (“Blow Up,” 1967), Tomorrow (“Revolution,” 1968) and Bodast (“Nothing To Cry For,” 1969).

As you would expect, ANTHOLOGY 2 is packed with many of Howe’s memorable contributions to Yes and Asia, two of the world’s most successful progressive-rock bands. Hits like Yes’s “Roundabout” and Asia’s “Heat Of The Moment” are featured along with rarities like “Montreux’s Theme,” a song Yes recorded during sessions for Going for the One (1977), and “Masquerade” a previously unreleased tune by Asia.

The collection also touches on Howe’s stint in GTR, the supergroup he founded in 1986 with former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. Featured here is “When The Heart Rules The Mind,” a song from GTR’s only album to date. Also included is “Brother Of Mine,” a song he recorded in 1989 with former Yes members: Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford and Rick Wakeman. The Steve Howe Trio, a jazz band he started with his son Dylan on drums, is represented by: “Kenny’s Sound” and “Sweet Thunder.”

The set’s final disc explores some of Howe’s many musical collaborations through the years, including songs he recorded with Fish of the band Marillion (“Time And A Word,” 1993), keyboardist Oliver Wakeman (“The Forgotten King,” 2001) and Paul Sutin (“Voyager,” 1995). In addition, more than a dozen of Howe’s unreleased collaborations will make their debut on ANTHOLOGY 2.


Disc One

  1. “Maybellene” – The Syndicats

  2. “On The Horizon” – The Syndicats

  3. “Finger Poppin’” – The In Crowd

  4. “Blow Up” – The In Crowd

  5. “You’re On Your Own” – The In Crowd

  6. “My White Bicycle” – Tomorrow

  7. “Claramount Lake” – Tomorrow

  8. “Revolution” – Tomorrow

  9. “Why” – Tomorrow

  10. “The Spanish Song” – Canto

  11. “Beyond Winter” – Bodast

  12. “Nothing To Cry For” – Bodast

  13. “Roundabout” – Yes

  14. “Montreux’s Theme” – Yes

  15. “Tempus Fugit” – Yes

  16. “Heat Of The Moment” – Asia

  17. “One Step Closer” – Asia

  18. “Lying To Yourself” – Asia

  19. “Masquerade” – Asia *

  20. “When The Heart Rules The Mind” – GTR

  21. “Toe The Line” – GTR

Disc Two

  1. “Brother Of Mine” – Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe

  2. “Dangerous” – (Backing Track) Yes

  3. “Without Hope You Cannot Start The Day” – (Backing Track) Yes

  4. “Bring Me To The Power” – Yes

  5. “From The Balcony” – Yes

  6. “Nine Voices (Longwalker)” – Yes

  7. “We Agree” – Yes

  8. “Kenny’s Sound” – Steve Howe Trio

  9. “Sweet Thunder” – Steve Howe Trio

  10. “Wish I’d Known All Along” – Asia

  11. “Over And Over” – Asia

  12. “Through My Veins” – Asia

  13. “Light The Way” – Asia

  14. “Hour Of Need” – (Long Version) Yes

  15. “Reno (Silver And Gold)” – Asia

  16. “Believe Again” – Yes

Disc Three

  1. “Traveller” – Billy Currie

  2. “Time And A Word” – Fish

  3. “Sweet Eternity” – Paul Sutin and Steve Howe

  4. “Voyager” – Paul Sutin and Steve Howe

  5. “Lily’s In The Field” – Paul Sutin and Steve Howe

  6. “Turn Of The Century” – Steve Howe and Annie Haslam

  7. “Forgotten King” – Oliver Wakeman and Steve Howe

  8. “Most Of A Man” – Dean Dyson and Steve Howe *

  9. “Cross That Bridge” – Keith West and Steve Howe *

  10. “Heaven” – Keith West and Steve Howe *

  11. “Strange Girl” – Keith West and Steve Howe *

  12. “Luxury Of Love” Keith West and Steve Howe *

  13. “Curved Ball” – Keith West and Steve Howe *

  14. “Running In The Human Race” – Max Bacon and Steve Howe *

  15. “Hot Touch” – Max Bacon and Steve Howe *

  16. “Runaway” – Max Bacon and Steve Howe *

  17. “Forever” – Max Bacon and Steve Howe *

  18. “Tell The Story” – Max Bacon and Steve Howe *

  19. “Slim Pickins’” – Ray Fenwick and Steve Howe *

* previously unreleased