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Artist: Stone Sour
Release date:
30 June 2017
Posted by: Musictour Admin

Stone Sour - “HYDROGRAD”

Stone Sour

After teasing their fans in recent weeks, Stone Sour have finally debuted the first song off their highly anticipated Hydrograd album! Corey Taylor has been hyping up the record and now fans can join in on the excitement with the music video for “Fabuless” (watch above). While watching, check out the album art and track listing below.

The performance video opens with a roar from the crowd as Stone Sour bump fists before walking onstage. A spotlight guitar lick leads the song and Taylor lets out an “Oh yeah!” to send everything in motion. There’s an ebbing energy to “Fabuless,” delving into tension-building, quieter moments, exploding with rage and washing it away with a soaring refrain.

Taylor had told us that the new album is “flat out rock ‘n’ roll in its best form” (video below) and he keeps to this value in the track, borrowing some familiar lines from rock’s greatest acts (Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones), barking “Been a long time since I’ve rocked and rolled / It’s only rock ‘n’ roll but I like it (like it).”