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Artist: The Sisters of Mercy
Release date:
15 June 2018
Genre: Gothic rock
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The Sisters of Mercy - “First And Last And Always”, “Floodland”, “Vision Thing”, “Greatest Hits Volume One: A Slight Case Of Overbombing”

The Sisters of Mercy


First And Last And Always” (1LP)

Side One:

  1. Black Planet

  2. Walk Away 

  3. No Time To Cry 

  4. A Rock And A Hard Place 

  5. Marian (Version)

Side Two:

  1. First And Last And Always 

  2. Possession 

  3. Nine While Nine 

  4. Amphetamine Logic 

  5. Some Kind Of Stranger

Floodland” (1LP)

Side One:

  1. Dominion / Mother Russia

  2. Flood I 

  3. Lucretia My Reflection

  4. 1959 

Side Two:

  1. This Corrosion 

  2. Flood II 

  3. Driven Like The

  4. Never Land (A Fragment) 

Vision Thing” (1LP)

Side One:

  1. Vision Thing 

  2. Ribbons 

  3. Detonation Boulevard   

  4. Something Fast 

Side Two:

  1. When You Don't See Me  

  2. Doctor Jeep    

  3. More

  4. I Was Wrong 

Greatest Hits Volume One: A Slight Case Of Overbombing” (2LP)

First LP:

Second LP:

  1. Under The Gun

  2. Temple Of Love

  3. Vision Thing

  4. Detonation Boulevard

  5. Doctor Jeep

  6. More

  1. Lucretia My Reflection

  2. Dominion/Mother Russia

  3. This Corrosion

  4. No Time To Cry

  5. Walk Away

  6. Body And Soul