Interview withMoon and the Nightspirit

How did you meet with Irfan? What is the first memory for Irfan that you have in mind?

The Moon and the Nightspirit: We heard the music of Irfan on internet before we first met them on Castlefest in The Netherlands many years ago and we were interested to see them live. Our first impression was that they are playing really great. It also turned out soon that they are very friendly people.

How did you decide to make a joint tour with Irfan? Why?

The Moon and the Nightspirit: When we started to discuss about a cooperation between the two bands first we only spoke about having a show together in Budapest at a time when Irfan is heading to a festival in Western Europa as Budapest is on their way. After it happened we decided that we should cooperate more in the future. The idea of a joint tour came last year and it was slowly getting shape as we managed to book more shows after each other.

Can you describe with names of songs the symbiosis between Irfan and The Moon and the Nightspirit?

The Moon and the Nightspirit: Although our musical style is similar I don’t think there is a song-level symbiosis between the two bands I would rather say that the atmosphere of our music is similar.

What is the intersection between Irfan and The Moon and the Nightspirit?

The Moon and the Nightspirit: As I mentioned before out musical style is similar and I think also the way we see things is similar which is probably in connection with the fact that we are both coming from a post-communist country from Eastern Europe.

How could you describe the sound of Irfan to someone who has never heard it??

The Moon and the Nightspirit: If I can mention a band I would mention Dead Can Dance. If not I would say it is an original electro-acoustic World Fusion music influenced by sacred and folk music traditions of many regions. It is an ancient music mixed with modern elements.

What is the secret of your multiannual friendship with Irfan?

The Moon and the Nightspirit: As we don’t have many active bands in our region of this style it is a logical and fruitful cooperation for both side which is based on the mutual respect of the two bands having towards each other.

What Bulgarian fans should expect from the upcoming show?

The Moon and the Nightspirit: We will play most of the songs from our new album called Metanoia, along with some songs from our previous albums. As we already experienced when we played on Transfiguration Festival, how welcoming and enthusiastic the Bulgarian audience can be, we are really looking forward to our show in Sofia.

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