Lenny Kravitz Joins United Nations #FightRacism Campaign With Song ‘Here To Love’

Superstar rocker Lenny Kravitz knows firsthand the issues that stem from racism. As a biracial kid with a white dad and a black mom, he was routinely subjected to inappropriate name calling and, in interviews he has described how other people tried to act as if he didn’t belong. But he rose about it. And, since then, Kravitz has routinely aligned himself with causes that push for others to exhibit better behavior.

Case in point: Kravitz is working with the United Nations on a new campaign named “Fight Racism” and is using his song “Here To Love (#FightRacism)” as a theme for the ongoing movement.

“Throughout my life and career I’ve made it a priority to spread the messages of love, equality and living together in peace,” says Kravitz, as part of the campaign. “There is no place in this world for discrimination of any form, including racism.”

The #fightracism campaign track features an edited version of “Here to Love,” a song which appears on Kravitz’s critically acclaimed full-length album Raise Vibration. As Human Rights Day approaches on December 10, a “cinematic” music video will also be released to further drive home the point, which is co-signed by the United Nations Human Rights Office.

This is an important move due to the increased visibility - and life-altering repercussions - of racism. In the United States alone, while the FBI is reporting a dip in hate crimes, actual hate-related violence is on the rise and as of November 2019 reached a 16-year high. Perhaps music and even more race-positive awareness will balance those scales a bit.

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