Modeselektor to Present a DJ Set in Sofia

Gernot Bronsert of MODESELEKTOR arrives in Bulgaria as part of the music platform My Beat to break the January cold and boredom with his m?ndblow?ng DJ set!

Gernot Bronsert arrives directly from the Mecca of the electronic music - Berlin, on 24 January, to unveil the winter spirits with his unique audio experiments. Gernot will get on the stage of Studio 'Orpheus' in front of the Bulgarian fans to present the most recent DJ set of the electronic bands Modeselektor and Moderat.

Tickets 'Early Bird' are already loaded at a price 20 lev at shop 'Jacko' / 43 “St. Earl Ignatiev” Str. 43/ and at the price of 25 levs online or at the network of

Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary are mostly responsible for the namer of Moderat and Modeselektor to become today synonyms for inexplicable chaos of sounds mixed so as to lift your feet in a moment. Founded shortly after the destruction of the Berlin Wall, Modeselektor embodies the spirit of free East Germany with their music, which is revolutionary. The strange mix of a draw bar coupling, electrical chaos, hip-hop, grime, dubstep, techno and who knows what else makes music journalists begin to invent new terms that attempt to describe the sounds of eastern Berliners. 'Happy metal, psychedelic electro, rap poison' and similar absurd definitions show that Modeselektor 'error is always true.' They themselves have always fled from any style definitions and clichés, which is definitely not needed by them to conquer the electronic music scene over the past 20 years.

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