Still Got Time” [ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR]

Zayn and PARTYNEXTDOOR’s collaboration “Still Got Time” joins a long musical lineage of men unnecessarily encouraging women to chill. Zayn is no stranger to this blindly gallant legacy: One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” reminded girls everywhere that even if they can’t see it, at least five teenage boys cherish your looks. On “Still Got Time,” the message is a bit more considered because he insists that both parties take things slow. “Just stop lookin’ for love/Girl, you know you still got time,” he sings, like the guy she told you not to worry about.

So Zayn’s not looking for love (don’t tell Gigi), he’s looking to play around. Sonically, too, as the song gives him a new easy going vibe thanks to the tropical house-inspired production. Call it “Passionfruit” lite. Nothing on his debut solo album Mind of Mine sounds quite like “Still Got Time,” so one can assume that the influence of Drake’s influences seeped into Zayn’s mind from afar. PARTYNEXTDOOR’s affable presence and wobbly autotune certainly add a mellowness, even though his “I know you diggin’ my fabric/I’m boyfriend material” pun is some unholy combination of innuendo and dad joke. With PARTYNEXTDOOR by his side, he even sounds like he’s having a good time. This song could be really bad, but Zayn’s so lightweight it never feels vicious—it feels naive. But it sounds great.

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