1. How can I create a profile?

Click HERE and fill all fields marked with *, marking  that you are agree and accept the general terms and conditions.

2. What advantage gives me the registration in musictour.eu?

Once you've registered and have an account, you get the ability to upload photos, artists, news, share experiences, impressions, ideas and  information, concerning music industry. With your registration you can be active users, helping us to build together a stable music social network.

3, How to check if an artist / а group will have a concert?

Go to "Events", in "Find your event" write the name of the artist / group and press search. You will get the necessary information below.

4. How to book / buy a ticket?

Do it yourself, using links in "Events" or contact us.

5. If I have a question relating to a concert, ticket, etc., to whom should I contact?

In "Contacts”, you will find the necessary information.

6. How to advertise?

Contact us using all information in "Advertising"

7. How can I post?

Use the phone number or e-mail address in "Press" or create your own registration and post yourself from your profile.